About us

The General Health Insurance Company has been the leader of the Czech public health insurance system for 30 years.

It was established on 1 January 1992 by Act No. 551/1991 Coll. With the passage of time, other health insurance companies were established under Act No. 280/1992 Coll., but with almost 6 million clients, we are still the largest health insurance company in the Czech Republic even in competition with six others.

We will spend more than CZK 232 billion on treating our clients in 2021We provide even the most costly services to all who need it. We are able to pay tens of millions of crowns per year for seriously ill patients in individual cases, but on average the most costly patients are the youngest children and the elderly.

The main task of each health insurance company is to collect health insurance premiums in accordance with legislative norms and to pay for health services provided to the insurance company's clients by contracted health service providers. And we are proud to say that our premium collection efficiency is no more than one or two percent short of one hundred and that we pay our healthcare providers correctly and on time (we have not had any overdue obligations for many years).

We have contracts with most physicians and facilities

Above all, our clients appreciate the fact that they can choose from the widest network of healthcare providers, as more than 96% of GPs and more than 41,000 healthcare facilities have a contract with us. Our insured persons make up 60% of those treated in these practices. We are also relied upon by the majority of patients of highly specialized facilities – comprehensive cancer centres and other facilities with special contracts that allow them to treat patients with the most advanced and costly drugs. We also have the widest network of providers of spa and rehabilitation services, as almost all of these facilities have a contract with VZP.

We offer lots of benefits

Of course, we do not forget about financial contributions for our clients for all kinds of preventive activities that the law does not allow to be covered by public health insurance. In this way, we want to motivate our clients to lead a healthy lifestyle and be responsible in taking care of their health. For 2021, more than CZK 710 million are earmarked for contributions from the Prevention Fund, which is more than the amount clients drew in 2020. We also offer extensive benefits and discounts with our Solid Health Club  partners and advantageous commercial insurance with Pojišt'ovna VZP, a. s., which is our subsidiary.

We have branches all over the country

Clients can use our services at approximately 190 branches throughout the country, making us the most accessible insurance company. You don't have to travel to another region when you need to solve something in person. We try to make our branches barrier-free, and more than 80 of them are equipped with children's corners.

And if you need advice, it's not just the branches that can help you – feel free to contact the experts at our information centre at 952 222 222. You can also send your question by e-mail to info@vzp.cz, or we will answer you on the VZP Facebook page or on the Solid Health Club page.

We work online

More and more things can be done directly online, and we have most of the necessary forms online so you can download them in advance and fill them in at home.

You can also register for Moje VZP if you want to keep track of your health insurance payments, check if you are in arrears at any time, or review your premium history. We are constantly improving the functionality of this application, so for example, you can also submit an overview of the income and expenses of self-employed persons directly through Moje VZP, which also calculates everything by itself. You can also apply for a contribution here. In Moje VZP, you don't have to fill in personal details with each request, making it easier and faster to submit it. Parents can make requests for their children if they register them under their account in the app. Thanks to Moje VZP, you'll also always have access to a summary of your reported healthcare, and if you set up "representation", you'll also see all the data for the person you're representing – for example, your children. No need to run to the branch; communicate with us electronically and have all the information in one place.