Registration of a newborn

According to the law, the child's legal representative, guardian or custodian is obliged to notify the health insurance company with which the child's mother is insured on the day of the child's birth within 8 days of the birth. If the child's mother is not insured in the Czech Republic, she notifies the child's birth to the health insurance company with which the child's father is insured on the day of the child's birth. If the parents are not insured in the Czech Republic, they must notify the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic of the birth of the child.

The insurance premiums for these newborn children are paid by the legal representative, guardian or custodian to the account of the relevant health insurance company in a single lump sum for the entire reference period.

The premium is payable from the first to the last day of the reference period. The assessment base is twice the minimum wage for the relevant period.

Birth certificate

To register your newborn for health insurance, you must present his or her birth certificate. You can obtain a birth certificate from the registry office in whose administrative district the child was born. If you don't get your birth certificate within 8 days of giving birth, you need not worry. You can register your newborn as soon as it is available.

How to register a newborn

The registration of a child in a situation where the mother of the child was not insured by any health insurance company in the Czech Republic on the day of birth, but the father of the child was insured by VZP on that day, or the child is not a permanent resident of the Czech Republic (the possibility of registering the child with VZP must be assessed as soon as possible with regard to the legal conditions) can only be arranged at a branch. We will complete the Insurance Registration Form for you in this case. Primarily, you must present your child's birth certificate and your ID.

Once you have reported everything to us, we will give you a temporary replacement documentthat you can use to fully present to the physician until your child's insurance card is delivered. The card and all correspondence regarding your baby is sent in your baby's name. In the case of the insurance of children born to a mother with long-term residence, the insurance card is not issued and sent to the child's address, only a replacement certificate is issued, valid until the end of the month in which the child reaches 60 days of age.