Our address

Orlická 2020/4, 130 00 Praha 3 - Vinohrady, Czech Republic Comp ID No.: 41197518 Health insurance company CODE: 111

Do you need to send us written correspondence?

Please send written correspondence by post to the nearest VZP branch in your region, by data mailbox (i48ae3q), or by e-mail to

The overviews for self-employed persons and the forms that employers are required to submit to the insurance company (Employer's Premium Payment Overview, Employer's Bulk Notification, Employer's Application and Registration Sheet) should be addressed to: VZP ČR, P. O. BOX 111, 586 11 Jihlava.

Requests for contributions from the Prevention Fund should be sent together with the necessary documents to: VZP ČR, Regional Branch Prague, Na Perštýně 359/6, 110 01 Prague 1, via the Moje VZP application or by data mailbox: i48ae3q.