For pregnancy and post-childbirth

Pregnant women, mothers up to 12 months after childbirth, and support for baby care

Screening* Amount
Combined screening in the first trimester of pregnancy
A detailed assessment of foetal morphology in the
second trimester of pregnancy**
Ultrasound screening of foetal growth restriction in the
third trimester of pregnancy**
Non-invasive prenatal test
                CZK 5 000
Other - breastfeeding support, aids, activities
Appropriate physical activity during pregnancy and after childbirth
Spa-type rehabilitation activities not covered by public health insurance
A childbirth preparation course organised by the maternity hospital Services of Lactation Consultants

Breastfeeding aids (absorbent breast pads, contact nursing hats, nipple protectors, bra pads, nipple shapers, nipple healing pads, breast pumps including accessories and spare parts, breast milk storage containers/bags, bottle steriliser, bottle warmer, aids enabling alternative methods for providing breast
milk, bottles for breastfed babies, incl. spare teat, supplemental nursing system)
The purchase or rental of a breath monitor including additional equipment – spare pads
The purchase of a sleep monitor
Supplies for a baby aged up to 1 year bought
in a pharmacy or on-line pharmacy in the Czech Republic:
changing (nappies, wipes, changing pads)
breastfeeding and feeding (baby bottles and cups, teats, nursing pillow, milk storage containers)
infant and baby food (milk, baby food, purées, teas)
child cosmetics (creams, oils, lotions, balms, sprays, powders, washing gels, shampoos) healthy baby digestion (probiotics, anti-bloating drops)
baby care (baby mucus extractor, baby scale, thermometer, baby inhaler)

* For one pregnancy, a one-off contribution can be drawn for each individual screening examination indicated up to a maximum amount of CZK 1 500. This does not apply to non-invasive prenatal tests, for which the contribution can be drawn up to the maximum contribution amount, i.e. CZK 5 000.

** The examination must be performed exclusively by a physician with a certificate from the list on the VZP website.

  • Attach to your application a payment document for payment for the activity, goods or services paid for after 1 January 2024, which is not older than 3 months from the date of payment, together with a pregnancy certificate or the birth certificate of the child.
  • During a pregnancy and up to 12 months after the birth, a maximum of CZK 5 000 can be drawn even if the partial or maximum contribution of CZK 3 500 had already been drawn in 2023.


Premature babies with a birth weight up to 1 500 g

Contribution Age Amount
Rehabilitation care
Purchase of special nutrition for premature newborns
Purchase of breast milk from a bank
  0–1 year   CZK 3 000

Attach to your application a payment document for payment for the goods paid after 1 January 2024, and which is not older than 3 months from the date of payment on the date of application, together with the child's birth certificate and a document confirming the child's birth weight (e.g. discharge report from the maternity hospital).

Conditions for drawing