Type of vaccination Age Amount
Against meningococcal type B infections no age limit CZK 2 000
Against meningococcal type ACYW infections no age limit CZK 1 000
Against chickenpox no age limit CZK 1 000
Travel vaccinations
(yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid fever,
rabies, cholera, malaria, dengue fever)
no age limit CZK 1 000
Against HPV no age limit CZK 1 500
Against rotavirus infections 0–1 year CZK 1 000
Against tick-borne encephalitis 0–50 years CZK 700
Flu vaccination 0–18 years CZK 300
18–65 years CZK 200
Against viral hepatitis A 0–18 years CZK 1 000
Against viral hepatitis A, B, A/B 18+ CZK 500
Against whooping cough (in combination with tetanus and diphtheria) 18+ CZK 500
Against measles 25–50 years CZK 500
Against pneumococcal infections 50–65 years CZK 1 000
Against shingles 50+ CZK 3 000
Against RSV 60+
and pregnant women
CZK 2 000

Attach to your application a certificate of vaccine issued by a physician, including the name of the vaccine, or a vaccination card. On the date of submission of the application, the date of vaccine administration must not be more than 3 months old. The age requirement must be met on the date of administration of the vaccine.

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