vaccination vaccine age  amount
against chicken pox Varilrix, Varivax no age limit 500 CZK
against meningococcal type B infections Bexsero, Trumenba no age limit 1 500 CZK
against meningococcal type ACYW infections Menveo, Nimenrix, Menquadfi no age limit 1 000 CZK
travel vaccinations Rabies Verorab no age limit 1 000 CZK
Typhoid fever Typhim VI, Vivotif
Yellow fever Stamaril
Japanese encephalitis Ixiaro
Cholera Dukoral
Malaria – antimalarial drugs dispensed in a pharmacy on prescription Plaquenil, Malarone, Malarone Pediatric, Quinimax, Primaquine
Dengue fever Dengvaxia, Qdenga
flu vaccination Influvac Tetra, Vaxigrip Tetra, Fluenz Tetra, Efluelda 0–18 years 300 CZK
18–65 years 200 CZK
against tick-borne encephalitis Encepur, FSME – Immun 0,25 or 0,5 ml 0–18 years 700 CZK
18–50 years 500 CZK
against rotavirus infections Rotateq, Rotarix 0–1 year 1 000 CZK
against the human papillomavirus (HPV) Cervarix, Gardasil, Gardasil 9 0–18 years 1 000 CZK
against viral hepatitis A, B (A/B) Hepatitis A Avaxim 160EU, Havrix 1440EU, Vaqta Adolescent/Adult, Havrix Junior monodose 720 no age limit 500 CZK
Hepatitis B Engerix-B 20MCG, Engerix-B 10MCG, Fendrix 18+
Hepatitis A/B Twinrix Adult
against the whooping cough (in combination with tetanus and diphtheria) Boostrix, Adacel, Infanrix 18+ 500 CZK
against the measles (not provided for serological testing to verify measles antibody levels) Priorix, M-M-RvaxPro 25–50 years 500 CZK
against pneumococcal infections Prevenar 13, Pneumovax 23, Synflorix, Apexxnar, Vaxneuvance 50–65 years 1 000 CZK

The application for the contributions can be submitted until 15 December 2023 at the latest. The application must be accompanied by a certificate of vaccine administration issued by a doctor, including the name of the vaccine, or a vaccination card. On the date of submission of the application, the date of vaccine administration must not be more than 3 months old. The age requirement must be met on the date of administration of the vaccine.

Conditions for drawing